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1. To leap; to jump.

2. To move suddenly, as with a spring or leap, from surprise, pain, or other sudden feeling or emotion, or by a voluntary act. And maketh him out of his sleep to start. (Chaucer) I start as from some dreadful dream. (Dryden) Keep your soul to the work when ready to start aside. (I. Watts) But if he start, It is the flesh of a corrupted heart. (Shak)

3. To set out; to commence a course, as a race or journey; to begin; as, to start business. At once they start, advancing in a line. (Dryden) At intervals some bird from out the brakes Starts into voice a moment, then is still. (Byron)

4. To become somewhat displaced or loosened; as, a rivet or a seam may start under strain or pressure. To start after, to set out after; to follow; to pursue. To start against, to act as a rival candidate against. To start for, to be a candidate for, as an office. To start up, to rise suddenly, as from a seat or couch; to come suddenly into notice or importance.

Origin: OE. Sterten; akin to D. Storten 8hurl, rush, fall, G. Sturzen, OHG. Sturzen to turn over, to fall, Sw. Stora to cast down, to fall, Dan. Styrte, and probably also to E. Start a tail; the original sense being, perhaps, to show the tail, to tumble over suddenly. 166. Cf. Start a tail.

1. A tail, or anything projecting like a tail.

2. The handle, or tail, of a plow; also, any long handle.

3. The curved or inclined front and bottom of a water-wheel bucket.

4. (Science: chemical) The arm, or level, of a gin, draw 493 n around by a horse.

Origin: OE. Stert a tail, AS. Steort; akin to LG. Stert, steert, D. Staart, G. Sterz, Icel. Stertr, Dan. Stiert, Sw. Stjert. 166. Cf. Stark naked, Start.

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