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(Science: zoology) Having the eyes raised on a stalk, or peduncle; opposed to sessile-eyed. Said especially of podophthalmous crustaceans. Stalked-eyed crustaceans.

(Science: zoology) See podophthalmia.

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Re: Pterydophyta

... at the surface or underground. Many leaves grow from rhizomes and make fern colonies. Fern leaves are called fronds. Fronds have a petiole (leaf stalk) and blade (main part of leaf). Each leaf has smaller leaflets called pinnae. Instead of flowers, ferns have sori, which grow directly on leaves. ...

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Structure of flower

Structure of Flower: Form Function Peduncle Flower stalk. Receptacle Part of flower stalk bearing the floral organs, at base of flower. Sepal Leaf-like structures at flower base, protects young flower bud. Calyx All the sepals together form the calyx. ...

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Working on some creatures for post-apocalyptic future

... cross could be interesting. Plants can adapt to poisoned environments (lead, etc.). I think an animal disguised as a tree, with a long, tall stalk of a body with fanned out membranes at the top where it can use light for photosynthesis. Its legs resemble roots, as it slowly moved across the ...

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How would Gene Proteins Work as A Vaccine?

... viruses almost never changes between strains. A vaccine using that part MIGHT give protection against many strains, but that part is the "stalk" of a mushroom-shaped protein, and in strains where the proteins are very crowded or don't stick out as far, an antibody to the stalk wouldn't ...

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plant electricity <An idea that probably wouldn't work>

... alge are incredible at caputureing the suns power. and some such as bamboo grow so fast. it would be neat if we could put some thing on top of a stalk of bamboo for it to push against. And through a series of gears have it turn a generator to lessen or eliminate the amount of fuel burned. :? ...

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