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noun, plural: sprouts

(1) A newly grown plant.

(2) A new branch, bud or shoot of a plant.

(3) Brussels sprout, the green vegetable.


(1) To germinate; to begin to grow or develop.

(2) To put forth a bud, shoot or a new branch.

(3) To cause the seed to begin to grow.


Many sprouts are very nutritious and beneficial to human health, such as bean sprouts and Brussels sprouts. However, other sprouts are not edible. An example is the sprouts of kidney beans contain a toxic compound, phytohaemagglutinin, which causes severe gastric upset.

Word origin: Middle English spruten, from Old English -sprūtan (in āsprūtan, to sprout forth).

See also: sprouting

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... 40 years ago. a trail thru a thicket is a good spot to be in a brief shower. that said, nothing grows under them and no new tree seedlings will sprout. the fallen leaves and debris decompose very slowly and seem to inhibit the N cycling. a natural thicket thrives best where trees wouldn't anyway- ...

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... after memorial day and then put it out on the deck. That plant is tropical...a fern like thing. Then after a couple of weeks the mystery plant sprouted and I transplanted it to it's current pot when it started to looked interesting. usually just weeds or grasses spontaneously sprout in my pots ...

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Re: IBO 2003 questions- please help me out

... act as a deterrant to dehydration prior to germination, and after germination, to act as a source of amino acids for protein synthesis until the sprout can supply its own nutrients. Not sure about part B. My guess is E. AMP goes to Adenosine + Pi in the catabolism of purines. It is essentially ...

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Pasteur's Experiment

... contamination does not become apparent for a long time, sealed autoclaved media in Petri dishes stored in the fridge for 6 month spontaneously sprout fungus and bacterial colonies almost overnight. Another example, plant is growing in the culture media (sealed), no apparent contamination for ...

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