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spiral septum

A septum dividing the embryonic bulbus cordis into pulmonary and aortic outflow tracts from the developing heart; the distal spiral septum is derived from the right and left endocardial cushions and so separates the pulmonary and aortic orifices; the proximal spiral septum is the portion of the septum that is incorporated into the membranous part of the interventricular septum.

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Pitfalls of Evolutionary Psychology: Exaptation

... for flight.” Several years ago, I stumbled upon a version of this phenomena while reading a book by Richard Dawkins. He explains that a moth spirals into a candle or fire at night because moths use the moonlight for navigation and when the flame distracts them, they fly off course. This is ...

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Could you identigy this alga?

Here is a photo of an alga. can someone tell me what it is? Why does it have spirals of green? Are the green spirals one continuous chloroplast? Notice that the spirals converge at the center of the cell, where they wind more tightly, and presumably end. What ...

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The Fiber Disease

... - their family will turn againist them and so will everyone in society. Can you not see how all this so called hard work and doing the right thing spirals one into Suicidal ideation, further suffering and closer to dying from misery! How dare you put up a link with reference to Good and Evil and ...

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The Fiber Disease

... agree wholeheartedly on that one!!! Because I saw them spiraling in the air of my home that weekend I came down with this man-made disease. those spirals pierced my skin and then elevated about 1/8th of an inch up from skin, where is sat it's pretty self on a pedastal. That is, until I dug it ...

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... shapes—rod-shaped (bacillus), round (coccus, e.g., streptococcus), and spiral (spirillum). An additional group, vibrios, appear as incomplete spirals. The cytoplasm and plasma membrane of most bacterial cells are surrounded by a cell wall; further classification of bacteria is based on cell ...

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Tue Aug 09, 2005 8:16 pm
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