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noun, plural: spermatozoa

A mature male gamete or reproductive cell; sperm cell.


A single sperm cell or spermatozoon consists of a round or cylindrical nucleated cell, a short neck, and a thin motile tail. Its structure is vital to its mobility and function (i.e. sexual reproduction). The compacted nucleus contains half of the genetic information. It fuses with an ovum (the female gamete) to form a zygote. In mammals, the sex is determined by the sperm cell. If it bears Y chromosome, the resulting offspring is a male. If X chromosome, the offspring is a female.

Word origin: Greek, from sperma, spermat-, seed + New Latin -zōon, from Greek zōion, zōon, living being.
Related forms: spermatozoal, spermatozoic (adjective).

Variant: spermatozoan.
Also called: sperm cell, zoosperm.

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Spermatozoon is not male gamet? So what is that? :? The reproductive system between plants and animals is different, so I think we cannot discuss it together here. According to the topic, it is animal reproductive system so, ...

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Rabbit Cells

... that there is no identical structure of every single cell from different species, even from a species, even from an individual. For example, spermatozoon is recognized as foreign cell by immuno-competent cells because these cells never "see" spermatozoa during their education or ...

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Im a newbie please go easy!

Just a bit correction, you should name it "spermatozoon" rather than "sperm" because the latter refers to "spermatozoon + its survival media" a.k.a "semen" ;) What do you mean by "cytoplasm centriole"? ...

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Re: Designing a creature

... system. All it has are two nerve cells which can be any kind of cells (motor, sensor, both, etc.). Any thoughts on the subject? I think it is spermatozoon, it fulfills the criteria of "moving" and "living from glucose" but it seems that the rest statement are not suitable :D

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Masturbation & Health

... and set free by ejaculation, they simply die and get decomposed just as any other cell. [/quote] What's the meaning of "inactivated state"? :? Spermatozoon is a living creature and it cannot be set to activate or inactivate. The wet dream is a phenomenon of high level of testosteron produced ...

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