noun, plural: spermatogonia

(1) An undifferentiated male germ cell in the male gonads that divides mitotically, and later develops into spermatocyte.

(2) A male gametogonium.


In the early stages of spermatogenesis, the undifferentiated male germ cells (spermatogonia) divide mitotically and give rise to new spermatogonia. Some of the spermatogonia carry on the next stages to become spermatocytes, which in turn differentiate into mature sperm cells.

In humans, the spermatogonia are found in the basal compartment of seminiferous tubules of the male reproductive system.

Word origin: Greek, from sperma, spermat- (seed) + -gonium, seed, cell (from Greek gonos, seed).

Compare: oogonium
See also: spermatogenesis

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