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noun, plural: speciations

The process in which new genetically distinct species evolve usually as a result of genetic isolation from the main population.


Due to Genetic Isolation, the differences in gene pools among species become so great that they cannot reproduce through interbreeding. As a result, new species are formed with a genome that is genetically distinct from the main population.

The ways in which new species are formed are as follows:

Word origin: from Latin speciēs, a seeing, kind, form + L -ātiōn- (s. of -ātiō), action or process.
Related forms: speciate (verb), speciational (adjective).

See also: Genetic isolation.

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... In 1972 J.S.Gould and N.Eldredge proposed new conception of evolution (arising of specieses) called Punctuationalism. In this theory speciation, takes place very quickly in not large populations. Can last thousands and even hundreds of years, what in scales of the geologic time counted ...

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... monkeys evolved from a small mammalian ancestor, which is now extinct. I think the answer is C. 2. Under which of the following conditions will speciation not occur? A. Logging operations in a forest cut a single population of beetles in two so that they can no longer mix. B. Some snails in ...

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... would falsify evolutionary theory wholesale, namely a cat giving birth to a dog. This, of course, doesn't happen. What does happen, though, is speciation, and in fact there is a beautiful example of extinction and speciation in a single event, namely an extinction event in a ring species. If ...

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Suppose some natural disaster occurs and a species of finch is forced to relocate from its original island where it dined on cactus flowers to an adjacent island with many fewer cacti but an overabundance of orchids. What would be the immediate consequences to the species in the first month of the c...

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Re: Is complexity inevitable?

... if you have genes that manifest differently in different environments. Thus such responsiveness to the environment could be an alternative to speciation. Furthermore, if there are some situations where reproductive barriers cannot be established, those situations may even drive the evolution ...

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