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1. To produce or deposit (eggs), as fishes or frogs do.

2. To bring forth; to generate; used in contempt. One edition [of books] spawneth another. (Fuller)

Origin: OE. Spanen, OF. Espandre, properly, to shed, spread, L. Expandere to spread out. See Expand.

1. To deposit eggs, as fish or frogs do.

2. To issue, as offspring; used contemptuously.

1. The ova, or eggs, of fishes, oysters, and other aquatic animals.

2. Any product or offspring; used contemptuously.

3. (Science: botany) The buds or branches produced from underground stems.

4. (Science: botany) The white fibrous matter forming the matrix from which fungi.

(Science: zoology) Spawn eater, a small American cyprinoid fish (Notropis Hudsonius) allied to the dace.

See: Spawn.

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