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noun, plural: solutions


A type of homogenous mixture in which the particles of one or more substances (the solute) are distributed uniformly throughout another substance (the solvent).


A solution typically consists of the dissolved material called the solute and the dissolving agent called the solvent. A common example is sugar (the solute) dissolved in water (the solvent).

Word origin: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin solūtiō, solūtiōn-, from solūtus, past participle of solvere, to loosen.

Related forms: solutional (adjective).
Related phrases: volumetric solution, aqueous solution, salt solution, locke-ringer solution, geys solution, dakins solution, solution of continuity, lactated ringers solution, langes solution, weigerts iodine solution.

Compare: colloid, suspension.
See also: solute, solvent.

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