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1. The long, projecting nose of a beast, as of swine.

2. The nose of a man; in contempt.

3. The nozzle of a pipe, hose, etc.

4. (Science: zoology) The anterior prolongation of the head of a gastropod; called also rostrum. The anterior prolongation of the head of weevils and allied beetles.

(Science: zoology) Snout beetle, any pyralid moth. See Pyralid.

Origin: OE. Snoute, probably of Scand, or Low German origin; cf. LG. Snute, D. Snuit, G. Schnauze, Sw. Snut, snyte, Dan. Snude, Icel. Snta to blow the nose; probably akin to E. Snuff, v.t. Cf. Snite, Snot, Snuff.

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What is this animal?

... the end of the tail. There is definitely a lot of cartilage. What I find most interesting is the location of the eye sockets and the shape of the snout. Does't match up with anything I can think of. Any experts out there?????

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by OdinsRaven
Sun May 27, 2012 3:19 pm
Forum: Zoology Discussion
Topic: What is this animal?
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"Diseased" Seals along the Alaskan Coast

The symptoms I am aware of are blistering of the snout, lesions, balding, lethargy, and abnormal growths on the brain. Also some mention of changes in the appearance of the liver and of course death.

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by mnunes
Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:06 pm
Forum: Ecology
Topic: "Diseased" Seals along the Alaskan Coast
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What is this animal?

... species named Cantor's Giant Soft-shelled Turtle is a species of fresh water turtle that has a broad head and small eyes close to the tip of its snout. It can grow up to 6 feet (about 2 meters) in length and weigh more than 100 pounds (about 50 kilograms). The unusual turtle spends 95% of its ...

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by vk4vfx
Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:43 pm
Forum: Zoology Discussion
Topic: What is this animal?
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Why do you keep talking about species

... about 100 Hemichordata Half cord Acorn worms, pterobranchs Stomochord in collar, pharyngeal slits about 100 living species Kinorhyncha Motion snout Mud dragons Eleven segments, each with a dorsal plate about 150 Loricifera Corset bearer Brush heads Umbrella-like scales at each end about 122 ...

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by gamila
Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:35 pm
Forum: Evolution
Topic: Why do you keep talking about species
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Re: South Texas Critter

I am of the opinion that this is definitely a koatamundi. It has this typical coat color and I think the snout also indicates that it is a koatamundi. Where did you take that picture? I think the animal on the picture looks really cute. Would love to see such an animal in the ...

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by haleysweety
Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:20 pm
Forum: Zoology Discussion
Topic: South Texas Critter
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