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From snap, Snapping beetle.

(Science: zoology) A large and voracious aquatic turtle (Chelydra serpentina) common in the fresh waters of the united states; so called from its habit of seizing its prey by a snap of its jaws. Called also mud turtle. See alligator snapper, under Alligator.

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Re: Experimental evidence for evolution

... This is exactly what evolutionary biologists have found. Coyne writes: Each side of the Isthmus of Panama, for example, harbors seven species of snapping shrimp in shallow waters. The closest relative of each species in another species on the other side. [Emphasis in original.] Evolutionary theory ...

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Re: Do plants think, have awareness, conscience, emotion?

... less. As far as the plants go, I would say that the only thing they have is a limited awareness of their surroundings - be it facing to the sun or snapping a fly for example. These are just gentically preprogrammed patterns and plants do not have any decision-making abilities or means to affect ...

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Muscle Soreness- Lactic Acid?

... lactic acid to the muscles being used to break them down for a fast energy source, and then i have heard that this is not the case but it is the snapping of muscle microfibers and some other technical things. Could someone please explain the process which causes this pain or provide a reliable ...

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Human Bio-technics (superhuman)

... as well. However, there is a reason why the body "limits" its resources that way: a full-scale muscle contraction has a fair chance of snapping your bones or completely tearing off a tendon, so it's hardly worth the benefit. Most athletes can tell you that they've torn a muscle or tendon ...

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Shocking!!!!!!!!!!! Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... I pass near the storage cabinets at my office, touch my car or the metal trolley at the office(as a matter of fact anything metal) I hear a snapping sound and I get shocked. Recently I have shocked two persons one of them twice.. their skin burns where I touch them... Could someone please ...

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