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1. To strike; to inflict a blow upon with the hand, or with any instrument held in the hand, or with a missile thrown by the hand; as, to smite with the fist, with a rod, sword, spear, or stone. Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. (Matt. V. 39) And David . . . Took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the philistine in his forehead. (1 sam. Xvii. 49)

2. To cause to strike; to use as an instrument in striking or hurling. Profpesy, and smite thine hands together. (Ezek. Xxi. 14) Saul . . . Smote the javelin into the wall. (1 sam. Xix. 10)

3. To destroy the life of by beating, or by weapons of any kind; to slay by a blow; to kill; as, to smite one with the sword, or with an arrow or other instrument.

4. To put to rout in battle; to overthrow by war.

5. To blast; to destroy the life or vigor of, as by a stroke or by some visitation. The flax and the barely was smitten. (Ex. Ix. 31)

6. To afflict; to chasten; to punish. Let us not mistake God's goodness, nor imagine, because he smites us, that we are forsaken by him. (wake)

7. To strike or affect with passion, as love or fear. The charms that smite the simple heart. (pope) Smith with the love of sister arts we came. (Pope) To smite off, to cut off. To smite out, to knock out, as a tooth. Exod,xxi.27. To smite with the tongue, to reproach or upbarid; to revile.

Origin: Smoth, rarely Smit; Smitten 642 , rarely Smit, or Smote; Smiting] [AS. Smitan to smite, to soil, pollute; akin to OFries. Smita to smite, LG. Smiten, D. Smijten, G. Schmeissen, OHG. Smizan to smear, stroke, OSw. & dial. Sw. Smita to smite, Dan. Smiide to throw, Goth. Bismeitan, to anoint, besmear; cf. Skr. Md to be fat. The original sense seems to have been, to daub on, to smear. Cf. Smut.

To strike; to collide; to beat. The heart meleth, and the knees smite together. (Nah. Ii. 10)

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