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1. A person who is held in bondage to another; one who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who is held as a chattel; one who has no freedom of action, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another. thou our slave, Our captive, at the public mill our drudge? (milton)

2. One who has lost the power of resistance; one who surrenders himself to any power whatever; as, a slave to passion, to lust, to strong drink, to ambition.

3. A drudge; one who labors like a slave.

4. An abject person; a wretch.

(Science: zoology) Slave ant, any species of ants which is captured and enslaved by another species, especially formica fusca of Europe and America, which is commonly enslaved by Formica sanguinea. Slave catcher, one who attempted to catch and bring back a fugitive slave to his master. Slave coast, part of the western coast of Africa to which slaves were brought to be sold to foreigners. Slave driver, one who superintends slaves at their work; hence, figuratively, a cruel taskmaster. Slave hunt. A search after persons in order to reduce them to slavery. A search after fugitive slaves, often conducted with bloodhounds. Slave ship, a vessel employed in the slave trade or used for transporting slaves; a slaver. Slave trade, the busines of dealing in slaves, especially of buying them for transportation from their homes to be sold elsewhere. Slave trader, one who traffics in slaves.

Synonym: bond servant, bondman, bondslave, captive, henchman, vassal, dependent, drudge. See Serf.

Origin: Cf. F. Esclave, D. Slaaf, Dan. Slave, sclave, Sw. Slaf, all fr. G. Sklave, MHG. Also slave, from the national name of the Slavonians, or Sclavonians (in LL. Slavi or Sclavi), who were frequently made slaves by the Germans. See Slav.

Source: 3fd Websters Dictionary

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