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Origin: OE. Skie a cloud, Icel. Sk; akin to Sw. & Dan. Sky; cf. AS. Sca, scwa, shadow, Icel. Skuggi; probably from the same root as E. Scum. See Scum, and cf. Hide skin, Obscure.

1. A cloud. [A wind] that blew so hideously and high, That it ne lefte not a sky In all the welkin long and broad. (Chaucer)

2. Hence, a shadow. She passeth as it were a sky. (Gower)

3. The apparent arch, or vault, of heaven, which in a clear day is of a blue colour; the heavens; the firmament; sometimes in the plural. The Norweyan banners flout the sky. (Shak)

4. The wheather; the climate. Thou wert better in thy grave than to answer with thy uncovered body this extremity of the skies. (Shak)

Sky is often used adjectively or in the formation of self-explaining compounds; as, sky colour, skylight, sky-aspiring, sky-born, sky-pointing, sky-roofed, etc. Sky blue, an azure colour. Sky scraper, a skysail of a triangular form. Under open sky, out of doors. Under open sky adored. .

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... present there is the time, there is the space and there is the appearance, and the three [species] have separately, even before the birth of the sky ..." Now, we just to clarify of this legacy. Without the "Theory of space" all "theory of the origin of life" are exsanguinated ...

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Theories - Origin of Life

... different theories make the same prediction, observation of the predicted result is not evidence for either theory . If Theory A predicts that the sky is blue, and Theory B predicts that the sky is blue, and then we go out and look at the sky and it’s blue, that tells us nothing about which theory ...

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Re: Creation of species through programmed evolution

... called natural evidence imperfect if his theory does not agree with it. Take a hypothetic case. Suppose if Newton’s theory had predicted a reddish sky instead of blue, and Newton explained that the sky should have been reddish, who will accept his theory and the explanation? None. But instead of ...

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Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:14 pm
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Re: Theories - Origin of Life

... won't accept) is that gaps in the fossil record do not falsify evolution. THEY ARE ONLY GAPS. Outside my window I can see no airplanes in the sky. This is evidence that there are no airplanes in my field of view. Not proof, but evidence. Maybe there is an airplane within my field of view, ...

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Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:49 pm
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Re: Re:

... that it could only be true if we were considering that the Earth is a closed system. Ignoring the large glowing yellow thing hanging out in the sky an average of 12h a day. you are just making stuff up for a simile that has absolutely no connection.

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