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1. One only, as distinguished from more than one; consisting of one alone; individual; separate; as, a single star. No single man is born with a right of controlling the opinions of all the rest. (pope)

2. Alone; having no companion. Who single hast maintained, Against revolted multitudes, the cause Of truth. (milton)

3. Hence, unmarried; as, a single man or woman. Grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness. (Shak) Single chose to live, and shunned to wed. (Dryden)

4. Not doubled, twisted together, or combined with others; as, a single thread; a single strand of a rope.

5. Performed by one person, or one on each side; as, a single combat. These shifts refuted, answer thy appellant, . . . Who now defles thee thrice ti single fight. (milton)

6. Uncompounded; pure; unmixed. Simple ideas are opposed to complex, and single to compound. (i. watts)

7. Not deceitful or artful; honest; sincere. I speak it with a single heart. (Shak)

8. simple; not wise; weak; silly. He utters such single matter in so infantly a voice. (Beau & Fl) single ale, beer, or drink, small ale, etc, as contrasted with double ale, etc, which is stronger. Single bill, a single rope running through a fixed block.

Origin: L. Singulus, a dim. From the root in simplex simple; cf. Oe. & OF. Sengle, fr. L. Singulus. See simple, and cf. Singular.

1. To select, as an individual person or thing, from among a number; to choose out from others; to separate. Dogs who hereby can single out their master in the dark. (bacon) His blood! She faintly screamed her mind]] still singling one from all mankind. (More)

2. To sequester; to withdraw; to retire. An agent singling itself from consorts. (hooker)

3. To take alone, or one by one. Men . . . Commendable when they are singled. (hooker)

Origin: Singled; Singling.

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