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1. The act of seeing; perception of objects by the eye; view; as, to gain sight of land. A cloud received him out of their sight. (Acts. I. 9)

2. The power of seeing; the faculty of vision, or of perceiving objects by the instrumentality of the eyes. Thy sight is young, And thou shalt read when mine begin to dazzle. (Shak) O loss of sight, of thee I most complain! (milton)

3. The state of admitting unobstructed vision; visibility; open view; region which the eye at one time surveys; space through which the power of vision extends; as, an object within sight.

4. A spectacle; a view; a show; something worth seeing. Moses said, I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. (Ex. Iii. 3) They never saw a sight so fair. (Spenser)

5. The instrument of seeing; the eye. Why cloud they not their sights? (Shak)

6. Inspection; examination; as, a letter intended for the sight of only one person.

7. Mental view; opinion; judgment; as, in their sight it was harmless. That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of god. (Luke xvi. 15)

8. A small aperture through which objects are to be seen, and by which their direction is settled or ascertained; as, the sight of a quadrant. Thier eyes of fire sparking through sights of steel. (Shak)

9. A small piece of metal, fixed or movable, on the breech, muzzle, center, or trunnion of a gun, or on the breech and the muzzle of a rifle, pistol, etc, by means of which the eye is guided in aiming.

10. In a drawing, picture, etc, that part of the surface, as of paper or canvas, which is within the frame or the border or margin. In a frame or the like, the open space, the opening.

11. A great number, quantity, or sum; as, a sight of money.

Sight in this last sense was formerly employed in the best usage. A sight of lawyers. A wonder sight of flowers. (Gower) at sight, as soon as seen, or presented to sight; as, a draft payable at sight: to read greek at sight; to shoot a person at sight. Front sight A front sight through which the objects aimed at may be seen, in distinction from one that hides the object. A rear sight having an open notch instead of an aperture. Peep sight, Rear sight. See Peep, and Rear. Sight draft, an order, or bill of exchange, directing the payment of money at sight. To take sight, to take aim; to look for the purpose of directing a piece of artillery, or the like.

Synonym: vision, view, show, spectacle, representation, exhibition.

Origin: OE. Sight, sit, siht, AS. Siht, gesiht, gesih, gesieh, gesyh; akin to D. Gezicht, G. Sicht, gesicht, Dan. Sigte, Sw. Sigt, from the root of E. See. See See.

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