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1. To make short or shorter in measure, extent, or time; as, to shorten distance; to shorten a road; to shorten days of calamity.

2. To reduce or diminish in amount, quantity, or extent; to lessen; to abridge; to curtail; to contract; as, to shorten work, an allowance of food, etc. Here, where the subject is so fruitful, I am shortened by my chain. (Dryden)

3. To make deficient (as to); to deprive; with of. Spoiled of his nose, and shortened of his ears. (Dryden)

4. To make short or friable, as pastry, with butter, lard, pot liquor, or the like. To shorten a rope, to reduce sail by taking it in.

Origin: See Short.

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The best way would be to get new primer. All you have to do is shorten the primer with 71 degree Tm until it's around 60. You said it’s 23b, so you have 8 bases to play with.

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... little, but the refractory period may vary. I suspect the refractory period (time from stimulation to membrane recovery on a single neuron) might shorten under the influence of the airborne substance, thus increasing the rate of action.

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