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1. A silver coin, and money of account, of Great Britain and its dependencies, equal to twelve pence, or the twentieth part of a pound, equivalent to about twenty-four cents of the united states currency.

2. In the united states, a denomination of money, differing in value in different States. It is not now legally recognised.

many of the states while colonies had issued bills of credit which had depreciated in different degrees in the different colonies. Thus, in new England currency (used also in virginia, kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida), after the adoption of the decimal system, the pound in paper money was worth only $3.333, and the shilling 16 cts, or 6s. To $1; in New York currency (also in North Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan), the pound was worth $2.50, and the shilling 12 1/2 cts, or 8s. To $1; in Pennsylvania currency (also in New Jersey, delaware, and Maryland), the pound was worth $2.70, and the shilling 13 1/2 cts, or 7s. 6d. To $1; and in Georgia currency (also in south Carolina), the pound was worth $4.29, and the shilling 21 cts, or 4s 8d. To $1. In many parts of the country . . . The reckoning by shillings and pence is not yet entirely abandoned.

3. The spanish real, of the value of one eight of a dollar, or 12 cets; formerly so called in new York and some other states. See note under 2. York shilling. Same as Shilling.

Origin: OE. Shilling, schilling, AS. Scilling; akin to D. Schelling, OS. & OHG. Scilling, G. Schilling, Sw. & Dan. Skilling, Icel. Skillingr, Goth. Skilliggs, and perh. To OHG. Scellan to sound, G. Schallen.

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