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1. The slender, smooth stem of an arrow; hence, an arrow. His sleep, his meat, his drink, is him bereft, That lean he wax, and dry as is a shaft. (Chaucer) A shaft hath three principal parts, the stele [stale], the feathers, and the head. (Ascham)

2. The long handle of a spear or similar weapon; hence, the weapon itself; anything regarded as a shaft to be thrown or darted; as, shafts of light. And the thunder, winged with red lightning and impetuous rage, perhaps hath spent his shafts. (milton) Some kinds of literary pursuits . . . Have been attacked with all the shafts of ridicule. (V. Knox)

3. That which resembles in some degree the stem or handle of an arrow or a spear; a long, slender part, especially when cylindrical.

(Science: botany) Specifically: (a) The stem or midrib of a feather. The pole, or tongue, of a vehicle; also, a thill.

The part of a candlestick which supports its branches. Thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold . . . His shaft, and his branches, his bowls, his knops, and his flowers, shall be of the same. (Ex. Xxv. 31)

The handle or helve of certain tools, instruments, etc, as a hammer, a whip, etc.

A pole, especially a Maypole.

The body of a column; the cylindrical pillar between the capital and base. Also, the [[ f46 part]] of a chimney above the roof. Also, the spire of a steeple.

A column, an obelisk, or other spire-shaped or columnar monument. Bid time and nature gently spare The shaft we raise to thee.

(Science: machinery) (Emerson) A solid or hollow cylinder or bar, having one or more journals on which it rests and revolves, and intended to carry one or more wheels or other revolving parts and to transmit power or motion; as, the shaft of a steam engine.

4. (Science: zoology) A humming bird (Thaumastura cora) having two of the tail feathers next to the middle ones very long in the male; called also cora humming bird.

5. [Cf. G. Schacht.

(Science: chemical) A well-like excavation in the earth, perpendicular or nearly so, made for reaching and raising ore, for raising water, etc.

6. A long passage for the admission or outlet of air; an air shaft.

7. The chamber of a blast furnace. Line shaft, a furnace, in the form of a chimney, which is charged at the top and tapped at the bottom.

Origin: OE. Shaft, schaft, AS. Sceaft; akin to D. Schacht, OHG. Scaft, G. Schaft, Dan. & Sw. Skaft handle, haft, Icel. Skapt, and probably to L. Scapus, Gr, a staff. Probably originally, a shaven or smoothed rod. Cf. Scape, Scepter, Shave.

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Re: Hair and DNA

... cells of the hair (meaning that the hair needs to be plucked with its 'roots') since these are the only living cells of the hair. The actual hair shaft contains no living cells or DNA and cannot be used for DNA identification. If you need to find out more about DNA testing you can visit our website ...

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Hair that moves

Hair shaft disorders may lead to brittleness and uncombable hair. In general the hair feels dry and lusterless. Hair shaft abnormalities may occur as localized or generalized disorders. Genetic predisposition or exogenous factors ...

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fiber/hair moving thru water

... exposure to these strong hair treatments weakens the overall strength of the hair fiber. Gradual weakening of the hair fibers is involved in hair shaft defects and hair disorders like pili torti and monilethrix. Pili Torti Pili torti(trichokinesis, corkscrew hair) is the general name for rigidly ...

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Human Hair DNA

I think that you're right (I'm not positive), that with DNA amplification techniques, the small amount from a hair shaft can be used for analysis.

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Fats within the bone marrow of long bones

... completely before i CT scan it. Initially when I did it, i got something (may be a tissue of unknown type or a fat within the marrow) along the shaft which hampered my modelling process. And I have to take a new bone and start again. Don't know what structure was it along the shaft. I treated ...

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