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Sex hormone



A hormone that is secreted by gonads and is involved in the regulation of sexual functions, such as the regulation of reproductive cycle and development of accessory reproductive organs.


Estrogen, testosterone, and gonadotrophins are examples of sex hormones. These hormones influence the secondary sex characteristics, e.g. body shape and contour, mammary development, and pitch of voice.

See also: sex steroid

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Cancer more than animals animals

Yeah, tumors are caused in plants by hormone inbalance caused often by bacteria such as Agrobacterium or Rhodococcus.

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Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:35 pm
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Re: mammary gland of male in mammals

... glands are not simply sweat glands that expand and develop more alveoli buds as the breast produces lactose when stimulated with prolactin--the hormone produced primarily during pregnancy and one that is necessary for milk production. Also because of testosterone, the male breast does not have ...

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Re: Fats in the Late Night?

... to support the notion that eating in the late hours of the day accentuates the storage of fatty tissue . After eating, the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin . Insulin then signals muscle and fat cells to absorb glucose from food. Sleep deprivation can affect the metabolic functions ...

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cAMP 2nd Messenger Pathway and Experiments

... from cyc- cells were isolated and mixed with protein extracts from cells which exhibited adenylyl cyclase activity (cyc+ cells). Stimulating hormone, ATP, GTP, and Mg2+ were included in the mixture. The mixture was: cell membranes from cyc-, protein extracts from cyc+, and hormone, ATP, GTP, ...

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O level Past paper exam question on gland secretion

... by endocrine glands are usually in the form of small molecules. In fact, I don't even know what does it mean by small molecules. Insulin is a hormone, but it is also a protein. If it's a protein, then is it a small molecule? I can't interpret this question very well, can somebody help me please?

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Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:10 am
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