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Sex determination



(1) (embryology) The developmental process in which the sex of a bipotential embryo is fixed or determined through the sex chromosomes contained.

(2) (diagnosis) The way by which the sex of an organism is determined. It may be based on the type of gametes or sex chromosomes present in an organism.


Sex determination in humans can be done by morphological examination or by chromosomal tests. Barr test is once commonly used test to determine the sex of an individual. Amniocentesis is also one way to diagnose the sex of the fetus in utero.

See also: sex chromosome

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some clues from animal kingdom

"Some species, such as some snails, practice sex change: adults start out male, then become female (See also sex reversal). ... produced by the females, bonellin. Some species, however, have no sex-determination system. Hermaphrodites include the common earthworm and certain ...

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The Evolution of Sex

Hi all, I need to give a layman lecture on The Evolution of Sex, detailing many interesting instances of sexual reproduction/behavior/determination from across the tree of life. I was hoping that some of you can give me some references ...

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Sex determination in hermaphrodites? plants?

1} Please explain me how sex is determined in hermaphrodites like earthworms, etc. What chromosomes are responsible? This is my thought-> if earthworms follow the human sex chromosomes like X, Y then if an earthworm is XX, how will ...

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... you guys are really understanding my point. I'm not really asking how sexual reproduction originated or how it actually works. Rather I am interested ... do so there evolved those producing only one type of sex cell. With sex determination mechanisms and sex-linked gene expression selection could ...

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Recombination in RNA viruses,Ruzic,Kovac

... for the evolution of recombination and hence some aspects of sexual reproduction tend to ®t into one of two standard classes : (1) that ... Characterization of a novel in¯uenza hemagglutinin, H15: criteria for determination of in¯uenzaA subtypes. Virology 217, 508±516. Roossinck, M. ...

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