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1. To transfer to another for an equivalent; to give up for a valuable consideration; to dispose of in return for something, especially for money. If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor. (Matt. Xix. 21) I am changed; I'll go sell all my land. (Shak)

Sell is corellative to buy, as one party buys what the other sells. It is distinguished usually from exchange or barter, in which one commodity is given for another; whereas in selling the consideration is usually money, or its representative in current notes.

2. To make a matter of bargain and sale of; to accept a price or reward for, as for a breach of duty, trust, or the like; to betray. You would have sold your king to slaughter. (Shak)

3. To impose upon; to trick; to deceive; to make a fool of; to cheat. To sell one's life dearly, to cause much loss to those who take one's life, as by killing a number of one's assailants. To sell (anything) out, to dispose of it wholly or entirely; as, he had sold out his corn, or his interest in a business.

Origin: OE. Sellen, sillen, AS. Sellan, syllan, to give, to deliver; akin to OS. Sellian, OFries. Sella, OHG. Sellen, Icel. Selja to hand over, to sell, Sw. Salja to sell, Dan. Slge, Goth. Saljan to offer a sacrifice; all from a noun akin to E. Sale. Cf. Sale.

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