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1. To place on a seat; to cause to sit down; as, to seat one's self. The guests were no sooner seated but they entered into a warm debate. (Arbuthnot)

2. To cause to occupy a post, site, situation, or the like; to station; to establish; to fix; to settle. Thus high . . . Is king richard seated. (Shak) They had seated themselves in new Guiana. (Sir W. Raleigh)

3. To assign a seat to, or the seats of; to give a sitting to; as, to seat a church, or persons in a church.

4. To fix; to set firm. From their foundations, loosening to and fro, They plucked the seated hills. (milton)

5. To settle; to plant with inhabitants; as to seat a country.

6. To put a seat or bottom in; as, to seat a chair.

Origin: Seated; Seating.

1. The place or thing upon which one sits; hence; anything made to be sat in or upon, as a chair, bench, stool, saddle, or the like. And Jesus . . . Overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves. (Matt. Xxi. 12)

2. The place occupied by anything, or where any person or thing is situated, resides, or abides; a site; an abode, a station; a post; a situation. Where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is. (rev. Ii. 13) He that builds a fair house upon an ill seat committeth himself to prison. (bacon) A seat of plenty, content, and tranquillity. (Macaulay)

3. That part of a thing on which a person sits; as, the seat of a chair or saddle; the seat of a pair of pantaloons.

4. A sitting; a right to sit; regular or appropriate place of sitting; as, a seat in a church; a seat for the season in the opera house.

5. Posture, or way of sitting, on horseback. She had so good a seat and hand she might be trusted with any mount. (G. Eliot)

6. (Science: machinery) A part or surface on which another part or surface rests; as, a valve seat.

(Science: zoology) Seat worm, the pinworm.

Origin: OE. Sete, Icel. Saeti; akin to Sw. Sate, Dan. Saede, MHG. Saze, AS. Set, setl, and E. Sit. See Sit, and cf. Settle.

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