1. Having the colour of blood; red. Of his complexion he was sanguine. (Chaucer) Like to that sanguine flower inscribed with woe. (milton)

2. Characterised by abundance and active circulation of blood; as, a sanguine bodily temperament.

3. Warm; ardent; as, a sanguine temper.

4. Anticipating the best; not desponding; confident; full of hope; as, sanguine of success.

Synonym: warm, ardent, lively, confident, hopeful.

Origin: F. Sanguin, L. Sanguineus, fr. Sanguis blood. Cf. Sanguineous.

To stain with blood; to impart the colour of blood to; to ensanguine.

1. Blood colour; red.

2. Anything of a blood-red, as cloth. In sanguine and in pes he clad was all. (Chaucer)

3. (Science: chemical) bloodstone.

4. Red crayon. See the note under Crayon.

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