1. An adhesive composition or substance to be applied to wounds or sores; a healing ointment.

2. A soothing remedy or antidote. Counsel or consolation we may bring. Salve to thy sores.

(Science: zoology) (milton) Salve bug, a large, stout isopod crustacean (aega psora), parasitic on the halibut and codfish, used by fishermen in the preparation of a salve. It becomes about two inches in length.

Origin: AS. Sealf ointment; akin to LG. Salwe, D. Zalve, zalf, OHG. Salba, Dan. Salve, Sw. Salva, Goth. Salbn to anoint, and probably to Gr. (Hesychius) oil, butter, Skr. Sapris clarified butter, 291.

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