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noun, plural: salts

(1) A dietary mineral comprised of sodium and chloride, used in food seasoning, preserving meat, etc.

(2) The crystallized product of evaporation, especially of sea water.

(3) The neutral ionic compound formed by chemical combination of acid and base, or through neutralization.


(1) Of, relating to, tasting, or containing salt.

(2) Salty; saline.

(3) Growing to saline environment, as salt grass.


(1) To sprinkle, season or impregnate with salt (for flavouring, preserving or curing purposes).


Word origin: From Old English sealt

Related forms: salty, salted (adjective).

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I have collected two bacteria and two fungal cultures collected from sea water (Bay of Bengal) , grown on Minimal salt media. I wanted to test them whether they are Probiotic cultures or not. As Food Microbiology is very new to me. I have not yet work out with Food Microbiology. ...

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... moves frm d hypo solvent i.e water 2 balance d hyper solute,resultin in a solution said 2 b balanced.presure is built on d hyper solution i.e salt solution with markd drift of water from d hypo solution.

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... Libya has no epidemic cases since 1970. Cholera is no longer the dreaded disease of the past because we can prevent deaths with Oral Rehydration Salt solution. You can read more about Cholera on these slides; http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Cholera_-_Community_Medicine_-_Lecture_Slides_

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