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1. One who, or that which, rubs. Specifically: An instrument or thing used in rubbing, polishing, or cleaning.

A coarse file, or the rough part of a file.

A whetstone; a rubstone.

An eraser, usually made of caoutchouc.

The cushion of an electrical machine.

One who performs massage, especially in a Turkish bath.

Something that chafes or annoys; hence, something that grates on the feelings; a sarcasm; a rub.

2. In some games, as whist, the odd game, as the third or the fifth, when there is a tie between the players; as, to play the rubber; also, a contest determined by the winning of two out of three games; as, to play a rubber of whist. A rubber of cribbage.

3. India rubber; caoutchouc.

4. An overshoe made of india rubber. Antimony rubber, an elastic durable variety of vulcanised caoutchouc of a red colour. It contains antimony sulphide as an important constituent. Hard rubber, a kind of vulcanised caoutchouc which nearly resembles horn in texture, rigidity, etc. India rubber, caoutchouc. See Caoutchouc. Rubber cloth, cloth covered with caoutchouc for excluding water or moisture.

(Science: dentistry) Rubber dam, a shield of thin sheet rubber clasped around a tooth to exclude saliva from the tooth.

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