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A series of persons or things arranged in a continued line; a line; a rank; a file; as, a row of trees; a row of houses or columns. And there were windows in three rows. (1 kings vii. 4) The bright seraphim in burning row.

(Science: geometry) (milton) Row culture, the points on a line, infinite in number, as the points in which a pencil of rays is intersected by a line.

Origin: OE. Rowe, rawe, rewe, AS. Raw, rw; probably akin to D. Rij, G. Reihe; cf. Skr. Rkha a line, stroke.

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I can have several short nights in a row, but I recover in one longer night...1-2 months of lack of sun can cause depression or bad mood, but not likely vitamin D deficiency. Diet-related causes of fatigue include low blood levels of potassium, ...

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Camellia japonica fungus

... had to go, couldn't get rid of it and it was spreading. Now I see those same cankers on an elderly azalea. Hope I can save it, there's a whole row of those poor old things...

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Re: Gene Technology

... for the blue pigment, and that the biosynthetic pathway has a different-colored (lilac) intermediate. The electrophoresis pattern shown in the top row reveals a single enzyme present and corresponds to white petals observed. If the band was from enzyme 1, the enzyme would have catalyzed the transformation ...

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The Keyhole Paradox: Challenging universal common descent.

... chance of happening in a given year, but then you wait 10 million years, then it will probably happen about 10 times. Or if the population grows to have 10 times as many animals during that time period (=10 times the chance of any particular occurrence happening), then it will probably happen ...

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... because succinate provides electrons into ETC from another "branch" of ETC than pyruvate or malate. The complexes I and II are not in a row, but rather different entering branches. This is a good picture http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4b/ETC.PNG/425px-ETC.PNG ...

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