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(Science: zoology) A small European singing bird (Erythacus rubecula), having a reddish breast; called also robin redbreast, robinet, and ruddock.

An American singing bird (Merula migratoria), having the breast chestnut, or dull red. The upper parts are olive-gray, the head and tail blackish. Called also robin redbreast, and migratory thrush.

Any one of several species of Australian warblers of the genera Petroica, Melanadrays, and allied genera; as, the scarlet-breasted robin (Petroica mullticolour)

Any one of several Asiatic birds; as, the indian robins. See Indian robin, below. Beach robin, an Asiatic singing bird (Corsycus saularis), having the back, head, neck, and breast black glossed with blue, the wings black, and the belly white. Ragged robin.

(Science: botany) A redstart (Ruticulla fuliginosa), native of india.

Origin: Properly a pet name for Robert, originally meaning, famebright; F, fron OHG. Roudperht; ruod (in comp.; akin to AS. Hr glory, fame, Goth. Hrpeigs victorius) _ beraht bright. See Bright, Hob a clown.

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