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1. To take (something) away from by force; to strip by stealing; to plunder; to pillage; to steal from. Who would rob a hermit of his weeds, His few books, or his beads, or maple dish? (milton) He that is robbed, not wanting what is stolen, Let him not know it, and he's not robbed at all. (Shak) To be executed for robbing a church. (Shak)

2. To take the property of (any one) from his person, or in his presence, feloniously, and against his will, by violence or by putting him in fear.

3. To deprive of, or withhold from, unjustly or injuriously; to defraud; as, to rob one of his rest, or of his good name; a tree robs the plants near it of sunlight. I never robbed the soldiers of their pay. (Shak)

Origin: OF. Rober, of German origin; cf. OHG. Roubn, G. Rauben, and OHG. Roub robbing, booty, G. Raub. See Reave,and cf. Robe.

The inspissated juice of ripe fruit, obtained by evaporation of the juice over a fire till it acquires the consistence of a sirup. It is sometimes mixed with honey or sugar.

Alternative forms: rhob, and rohob.

Origin: F.; cf. Sp. Rob, It. Rob, robbo, Pg. Robe, arrobe, Ar. Rubb, robb, Per. Rub.

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