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1. To return to life; to recover life or strength; to live anew; to become reanimated or reinvigorated. The lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came into again, and he revived. (1 kings xvii. 22)

2. Hence, to recover from a state of oblivion, obscurity, neglect, or depression; as, classical learning revived in the fifteenth century.

3. (Science: chemistry) To recover its natural or metallic state, as a metal.

Origin: F. Revivere, L. Revivere; pref. Re- re- _ vivere to live. See Vivid.

1. To restore, or bring again to life; to reanimate. Those bodies, by reason of whose mortality we died, shall be revived. (bp. Pearson)

2. To raise from coma, languor, depression, or discouragement; to bring into action after a suspension. Those gracious words revive my drooping thoughts. (Shak) Your coming, friends, revives me. (milton)

3. Hence, to recover from a state of neglect or disuse; as, to revive letters or learning.

4. To renew in the mind or memory; to bring to recollection; to recall attention to; to reawaken. Revive the libels born to die. The mind has a power in many cases to revive perceptions which it has once had. (locke)

5. (Science: chemistry) To restore or reduce to its natural 4f3

or metallic state; as, to revive a metal after calcination.

Origin: Cf. F. Reviver. See Revive.

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