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(Science: zoology) A class of air-breathing oviparous vertebrates, usually covered with scales or bony plates. The heart generally has two auricles and one ventricle. The development of the young is the same as that of birds.

It is nearly related in many respects to aves, or birds. The principal existing orders are Testidunata or chelonia (turtles), Crocodilia, Lacertilla (lizards), ophidia (serpents), and rhynchocephala; the chief extinct orders are dinosauria, Theremorpha, mosasauria, pterosauria, plesiosauria, Ichtyosauria.

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Book recommendation for exam

... and Herdamania. 13. Pisces : Scales, respiration, locomotion, migration. 14. Amphibia : Origin of tetrapods; parental care, paedomorphosis. 15. Reptilia : Origin of reptiles; skull types; status of Sphenodon and crocidiles. 16. Aves : Origin of birds; flight adaptation, migration. 17. Mammalia ...

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by bertstare
Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:19 pm
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Re: Cladistic relatedness of Aves and Reptiles

I stand by my position that Weston's girlfriend wins the argument. Reptilia is a monophyletic group that includes all birds and extinct dinosaurs. Excluding birds because they are the only extant warmblooded, feathered members of the clade represents historical ...

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by StevePush
Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:02 pm
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Topic: Cladistic relatedness of Aves and Reptiles
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... the last common ancestor are Protistans; the descendants also include plants, animals and fungi, which are all placed in separate Kingdoms. Class Reptilia is another example of such paraphyletic classification, wherein, the descendants of the last common ancestor of all extant and extinct reptiles ...

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by oortclouddomicile
Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:40 pm
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Animalia, Chordata, Reptilia, Squamata, Serpentes, Elapidae, Dendroaspis, Dendroaspis polylepsis The Black MambA! One of my favourite snake!

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by Amrik
Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:32 pm
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... after birth consumes the placenta and then will not eat again until day three. Corucia zebrata possess a rarity in the reptile world. They have a reptilian social order or Circulus. Crocodilians are also often very social as well with a Circulus Structure (Mohapatra, 1976). Not only the parents, ...

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by Brian - LCRC
Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:22 pm
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