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1. To move away from the position occupied; to cause to change place; to displace; as, to remove a building. Thou shalt not remove thy neighbor's landmark. (Deut. Xix. 14) When we had dined, to prevent the ladies' leaving us, I generally ordered the table to be removed. (goldsmith)

2. To cause to leave a person or thing; to cause to cease to be; to take away; hence, to banish; to destroy; to put an end to; to kill; as, to remove a disease. King richard thus removed.

3. To dismiss or discharge from office; as, the President removed many postmasters.

See the note under Remove.

Origin: OF. Removoir, remouvoir, L. Removere, remotum; pref. Re- re- _ movere to move. See Move.

To change place in any manner, or to make a change in place; to move or go from one residence, position, or place to another. Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane, I can not taint with fear. (Shak)

The verb remove, in some of its application, is synonymous with move, but not in all. Thus we do not apply remove to a mere change of posture, without a change of place or the seat of a thing. A man moves his head when he turns it, or his finger when he bends it, but he does not remove it. Remove usually or always denotes a change of place in a body, but we never apply it to a regular, continued course or motion. We never say the wind or water, or a ship, removes at a certain rate by the hour; but we say a ship was removed eb2 from one place in a harbor to another. Move is a generic term, including the sense of remove, which is more generally applied to a change from one station or permanent position, stand, or seat, to another station.

1. The act of removing; a removal. This place should be at once both school and university, not needing a remove to any other house of scholarship. (milton) And drags at each remove a lengthening chain. (goldsmith)

2. The transfer of one's business, or of one's domestic belongings, from one location or dwelling house to another; in the united states usually called a move. It is an english proverb that three removes are as bad as a fire. (J. H. Newman)

3. The state of being removed.

4. That which is removed, as a dish removed from table to make room for something else.

5. The distance or space through which anything is removed; interval; distance; stage; hence, a step or degree in any scale of gradation; specifically, a division in an english public school; as, the boy went up two removes last year. A freeholder is but one remove from a legislator. (Addison)

6. (Science: veterinary) The act of resetting a horse's shoe.

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