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1. To bring back; to restore. Abate your zealous haste, till morrow next again Both light of heaven and strength of men relate. (Spenser)

2. To refer; to ascribe, as to a source.

3. To recount; to narrate; to tell over. This heavy act with heavy heart relate. (Shak)

4. To ally by connection or kindred. To relate one's self, to vent thoughts in words.

Synonym: To tell, recite, narrate, recount, rehearse, report, detail, describe.

Origin: F. Relater to recount, LL. Relatare, fr. L. Relatus, used as p. P. Of referre. See Elate, and cf. Refer.

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... topic since our mitochondria are non-recombinatory, and our strategies may not be adapted for non-recombinatory evolution. This directly relates to whether our mtDNA should be evolving and not just "stabilizing".

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... → Is that technically advertising? It came with the image code. I plan to make more such charts. I would particularly like a chart that relates Gram-staining to taxonomy, one that makes note of all the common exceptions. Maybe there is already one out there. I would also like a chart ...

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Explain why Genetic Code is called "Rosetta Stone" of life?

... full marks. I wouldn't have done better if i never knew what the stone is. He should have atleast given u marks for knowing how the genetic code relates to life!!! Please lecturers be more sensitive in your questions, we are students not professors to think that we know everything!

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Bio Research Paper Writing

... have shown that mouse thymus have autoreactive thymus derived CD4 and CD8 T-cells capable of some defense function while still immature which correlates with the increased migratory cytokines that help mobilize immune cells around the body (thymus-common-target np) and these are the same cytokines ...

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