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Redox reaction



A chemical reaction involving both reduction and oxidation, which results in changes in oxidation numbers of atoms included in the reaction.


Redox reaction involves oxidation where there is an increase in oxidation number, and reduction where there is a decrease in oxidation number. It is involved in many important biological processes, such as cellular respiration and photosynthesis. In cellular respiration, for instance, redox reaction occurs when glucose is oxidized to carbon dioxide whereas oxygen is reduced to water.

Variant: oxidation reduction reaction

See also: reduction, oxidation.

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... but it does not make sense to me because I am of strong belief that all redox reactions are exergonic. For example the reduction of oxygen molecules following the oxidation ...

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... the oxidation of glucose (respiration) are basically the same exergonic reaction. However the amount of heat released by fire would destroy a cell. ... process of cellular respiration and photosynthesis with regard to their redox reactions. Be specific.(6) 12. Sunlight can be called “the ultimate ...

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separate redox reaction into its componet half-reactions

I have to write the oxidation and reduction reactions for 3O2 + 4Fe---> 2Fe2O3 As the oxidation-half reaction I have 4Fe--->4Fe^3+ + 12 e- As the reduction half reaction I have 3O2 + 12e- ---> 6O^2- are my answers correct? Thank you!

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Ion uptake in freshwater teleosts?

... it is known that when GLASS makes contact with aqueous media the reaction begins with an exchanging of hidronium ions (H30+) for sodium ions ... known also that the importance of acid-base and oxidation-reduction (REDOX) reactions in the study of water lies in the fact that the acidity ...

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Prosthetic groups

... is that they contain some reactive groups, which participate in the reaction (like NAD+ or FAD in the redox reactions)

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