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royal; regal; kingly. The blood real of Thebes.

1. Actually being or existing; not fictitious or imaginary; as, a description of real life. Whereat I waked, and found Before mine eyes all real, as the dream Had lively shadowed. (milton)

2. True; genuine; not artificial; counterfeit, or factitious; often opposed to ostensible; as, the real reason; real madeira wine; real ginger. Whose perfection far excelled Hers in all real dignity. (milton)

5. Relating to things, not to persons. Many are perfect in men's humors that are not greatly capable of the real part of business. (bacon)

4. (Science: mathematics) Having an assignable arithmetical or numerical value or meaning; not imaginary.

5. Pertaining to things fixed, permanent, or immovable, as to lands and tenements; as, real property, in distinction from personal or movable property. Chattels real, a burden imposed upon one estate in favor of another estate of another proprietor.

Synonym: actual, true, genuine, authentic.

Real, actual. Real represents a thing to be a substantive existence; as, a real, not imaginary, occurrence. Actual refers to it as acted or performed; and, hence, when we wish to prove a thing real, we often say, It actually exists, It has actually been done. thus its really is shown by its actually. Actual, from this reference to being acted, has recently received a new signification, namely, present; as, the actual posture of affairs; since what is now in action, or going on, has, of course, a present existence. An actual fact; a real sentiment. For he that but conceives a crime in thought, contracts the danger of an actual fault. (Dryden) Our simple ideas are all real; all agree to the reality of things. (locke)

Origin: LL. Realis, fr. L. Res, rei, a thing: cf. F. Reel. Cf. Rebus.

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