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1. Not altered from its natural state; not prepared by the action of heat; as, raw sienna; specifically, not cooked; not changed by heat to a state suitable for eating; not done; as, raw meat.

2. Hence: Unprepared for use or enjoyment; immature; unripe; unseasoned; inexperienced; unpracticed; untried; as, raw soldiers; a raw recruit. Approved himself to the raw judgment of the multitude. (De Quincey)

3. Not worked in due form; in the natural state; untouched by art; unwrought. Specifically: Not distilled; as, raw water.

Not spun or twisted; as, raw silk or cotton.

Not mixed or diluted; as, raw spirits.

Not tried; not melted and strained; as, raw tallow.

Not tanned; as, raw hides.

Not trimmed, covered, or folded under; as, the raw edge of a piece of metal or of cloth.

4. Not covered; bare. Specifically: bald. With scull all raw.

Deprived of skin; galled; as, a raw sore.

sore, as if by being galled. And all his sinews waxen weak and raw through long imprisonment. (Spenser)

5. Disagreeably damp or cold; chilly; as, a raw wind. A raw and gusty day. Raw material, material that has not been subjected to a (specified) process of manufacture; as, ore is the raw material used in smelting; leather is the raw material of the shoe industry. Raw pig, cast iron as it comes from the smelting furnace.

Origin: AS. Hreaw; akin to D. Raauw, LG. Rau, G. Roh, OHG. Ro, Icel. Hrar, Dan. Raa, Sw. Ra, L. Crudus, Gr. Kreas flesh, Skr. Kravis raw flesh. Cf. C 3ee rude, Cruel.

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... messages from the CNS to perform its functions correctly, linking it to the brain and nervous system. Finally there is always the need for raw materials that can only come from digesting food in the intestines. More disturbingly perhaps the male ejection system (for want of a better phrase) ...

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Producers: A, sustain themselves without eating. B. make organic food molecules from simple raw materials. C.manufacture the biosphere's food supply. D. are autotrophs. E. All of the choices are correct.

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