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1. To spring; to leap; to bound; to rear; to prance; to become rampant; hence, to frolic; to romp.

2. To move by leaps, or by leaps; hence, to move swiftly or with violence. Their bridles they would champ, And trampling the fine element would fiercely ramp. (Spenser)

3. To climb, as a plant; to creep up. With claspers and tendrils, they [plants] catch hold, . . . And so ramping upon trees, they mount up to a great height. (ray)

Origin: F. Ramper to creep, OF, to climb; of German origin; cf. G. Raffen to snatch, LG. & D. Rapen. See Rap to snatch, and cf. Romp.

1. A leap; a spring; a hostile advance. The bold Ascalonite Fled from his lion ramp. (milton)

2. A highwayman; a robber.

3. A romping woman; a prostitute.

4. [F. Rampe.

Any sloping member, other than a purely constructional one, such as a continuous parapet to a staircase. A short bend, slope, or curve, where a hand rail or cap changes its direction.

5. [F. Rampe.

An inclined plane serving as a communication between different interior levels.

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@iBiology 1) show me any enzyme using ADP as energy source 2) what the hell is rAMP? @elmyra67 ATP is used as energy source for most of energy-requiring reactions or to ensure one-way directionality.

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metabolism and ATP

... this energy would be used for metabolism. When the ADP is hydrolysed, there would be AMP, Phosphate & Energy but the AMP is transformed into rAMP which functions as a messanger.

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... it looks like my brain refuses to get it. So, my (probably VERY basic) question is now: I have a cell in whole cell patch-clamp and do a voltage ramp. How do I have to interpret the measurement? I have, as a result, a set of curves given in pA. Does a negative number indicate that cations flow ...

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passive walking animals?

the ramp is angled, so it's more like gliding.

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Re: Yeast fermentation with different carbohydrates

... no life outside of schoolwork, I decided to plot your data. I agree with mith, another trial would have been useful. And like mith said, note the ramp point of sucrose in both test trials. http://usera.imagecave.com/smacklemeelmo/co2test.jpg

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