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1. An implement consisting of a headpiece having teeth, and a long handle at right angles to it, used for collecting hay, or other light things which are spread over a large surface, or for breaking and smoothing the earth.

2. A toothed machine drawn by a horse, used for collecting hay or grain; a horserake.

3. [Perhaps a different word.

(Science: chemical) A fissure or mineral vein traversing the strata vertically, or nearly so; called also rake-vein. Gill rakes.

(Science: anatomy) See 1st gill.

Origin: AS. Race; akin to OD. Rake, D. Reek, OHG, rehho, G. Rechen, Icel, reka a shovel, and to Goth. Rikan to heap up, collect, and perhaps to Gr. To stretch out, and E. Rack to stretch. Cf. Reckon.

1. [Icel. Reika. Cf. Rake a debauchee] To walk about; to gad or ramble idly.

2. [See Rake a debauchee] To act the rake; to lead a dissolute, debauched life.

(Science: veterinary) To rake out, to fly too far and wide from its master while hovering above waiting till the game is sprung; said of the hawk.

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How can adaptations for manipulation within a lineage exist?

... is not harmonious. Males manipulate females to mate with them, and some possess traits that allow them to force their sperm into the female, or rake out the sperm already inside the female. The same stands for the opposite - females can decide which male's sperm they actually use, digesting ...

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... be 30-31 years of age with no job experience. Another option that I am thinking of is getting a job now. But my fear here is that by the time I rake up enough experience, I will lose touch with the referees at University who for now are willing to write reference letters for me as part of my ...

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What class do you recommend?

Yes go for microbio and biochem Then get a job with a pharmaceutical company and rake in the $$$$$$

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earthworm questions

... themselves with is ______. (segments, setae, saddles, mucus) the activity in worms in the soil could be compared to a ______. (plow, hose, shovel, rake) People often mistake the raised, contrasting portion of the earthworm for a scar, but it is a/the _______. An Earthworm need to stay moist all ...

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The Fiber Disease

... waste product etc. I know for a fact there is a filarial nematode part, a twisted fiber like part, a tubular part, a cooked shrimp shaped part, a rake like part, a fern frond like part etc. It inhabits my blood, my skin, my lungs, my earwax ,my tears etc. If you suffer from this and want to learn ...

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