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R loop

R loop

(Science: molecular biology) A single stranded loop section of dNA formed by the association of a section of ssRNA with the other strand of the dna in this region whereby one dna strand is displaced as the loop.

mature mRNA can be used to form loops from exons with the intervening double stranded linear regions being introns.

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Probably the result of some feedback loop throughout evolution. My guess is as soon as ATP was being used/produced a bit more than the others, a feedback loop set in, and it became dominant. Obviously, all 4 are used by DNA polymerases, and ...

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... by mfold and the secondary structure fulfilled the criteria of miRNA. Later this miRNA specific primer was designed and validated through stem-loop RT PCR followed by end-point PCR. So it was confirmed that this miRNA get expressed. we have analyzed it's expression patterns under different ...

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... FormatZeros) 'Clear string for forming Base4 or Base5 String, for showing Codon Number in disk file. MathBaseNumStr = "" 'Loop for each of the Codon Letters in this Codon Size, numbering starts a 0. For LetterNum = 0 To CodonSize - 1 'Power Of 4 counts 1, 4, 16, 64, ...

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HOw can we identify the cell in PCT (proximal convolunted tubule) & decending limb of loop of henle ? Also ,, how can we identify the cell of PST(proximal straighted tubule) & PCT ???

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Sorry for being out of the loop for a while. My early childhood bout of chicken pox has revisited me in the form of shingles and has left me low for about ten days. Still not over it but have got back online to have a look at progress, ...

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