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1. The act of providing, or making previous preparation.

2. That which is provided or prepared; that which is brought together or arranged in advance; measures taken beforehand; preparation. Making provision for the relief of strangers. (bacon)

3. Especially, a stock of food; any kind of eatables collected or stored; often in the plural. And of provisions laid in large, For man and beast. (milton)

4. That which is stipulated in advance; a condition; a previous agreement; a proviso; as, the provisions of a contract; the statute has many provisions.

5. A canonical term for regular induction into a benefice, comprehending nomination, collation, and installation.

6. A nomination by the pope to a benefice before it became vacant, depriving the patron of his right of presentation.

Origin: L. Provisio: cf. F. Provision. See Provide.

To supply with food; to victual; as, to provision a garrison. They were provisioned for a journey. (Palfrey)

Origin: Provisioned; Provisioning.

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