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1. Feeling or manifesting pride, in a good or bad sense; as: Possessing or showing too great self-esteem; overrating one's excellences; hence, arrogant; haughty; lordly; presumptuous. Nor much expect A foe so proud will first the weaker seek. (milton) O death, made proud with pure and princely beauty ! (Shak) And shades impervious to the proud world's glare. (Keble)

Having a feeling of high self-respect or self-esteem; exulting (in); elated; often with of; as, proud of one's country. Proud to be checked and soothed. Are we proud men proud of being proud ? (Thackeray)

2. Giving reason or occasion for pride or self-gratulation; worthy of admiration; grand; splendid; magnificent; admirable; ostentatious. Of shadow proud. . Proud titles. The proud temple's height. Till tower, and dome, and bridge-way proud Are mantled with a golden cloud. (Keble)

3. Excited by sexual desire; applied particularly to the females of some animals.

Proud is often used with participles in the formation of compounds which, for the most part, are self-explaining; as, proud-crested, proud-minded, proud-swelling.

(Science: medicine) Proud flesh, a fungous growth or excrescence of granulations resembling flesh, in a wound or ulcer.

Origin: OE. Proud, prout, prud, prut, AS. Prut; akin to Icel. Pruthr stately, handsome, Dan. Prud handsome. Cf. Pride.

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