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1. That which is embraced by eye in vision; the region which the eye overlooks at one time; view; scene; outlook. His eye discovers unaware The goodly prospect of some foreign land. (milton)

2. Especially, a picturesque or widely extended view; a landscape; hence, a sketch of a landscape. I went to Putney . . . To take prospects in crayon. (Evelyn)

3. A position affording a fine view; a lookout. Him god beholding from his prospect high. (milton)

4. Relative position of the front of a building or other structure; face; relative aspect. And their prospect was toward the south. (Ezek. Xl. 44)

5. The act of looking forward; foresight; anticipation; as, a prospect of the future state. Is he a prudent man as to his temporal estate, that lays designs only for a day, without any prospect to, or provision for, the remaining part of life ? (Tillotson)

6. That which is hoped for; ground for hope or expectation; expectation; probable result; as, the prospect of success. To brighter prospects born. These swell their prospectsd exalt their pride, When offers are disdain'd, and love deny'd. (pope)

Origin: L. Prospectus, fr. Prospicere, prospectum, to look forward; pro before, forward _ specere, spicere, look, to see: cf. OF. Prospect. See Spy, and cf. Prospectus.

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