Prophase II

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The first stage in meiosis II wherein the nucleolus and nuclear envelope disintegrate whereas the chromatin condenses forming shorter, thicker chromatid


Meiosis is a reproductive cell division since it gives rise to gametes. The resulting cells following meiosis contain half of the number of the chromosomes in the parent cell. That is because the parent cell undergoes two meiotic divisions called first meiotic division (meiosis I) and second meiotic division (meiosis II). In the first meiotic division, prophase is the first stage and is referred to as prophase I. In prophase I, the chromatin condenses into shorter, thicker chromatid. The nuclear envelope and the nucleolus disintegrate making them seem to disappear at this phase. In meiosis II, the first stage is also prophase. However, since it takes place in the second meiotic division, it is referred to as prophase II. In prophase II, similar events occur such that the chromatin condenses, and the nuclear envelope and the nucleolus disintegrate. The difference between prophase I and prophase II is the crossing over between chromosomes takes place only in prophase I.

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