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1. Belonging to, or concerning, an individual person, company, or interest; peculiar to one's self; unconnected with others; personal; one's own; not public; not general; separate; as, a man's private opinion; private property; a private purse; private expenses or interests; a private secretary.

2. Sequestered from company or observation; appropriated to an individual; secret; secluded; lonely; solitary; as, a private room or apartment; private prayer. Reason . . . Then retires Into her private cell when nature rests. (milton)

3. Not invested with, or engaged in, public office or employment; as, a private citizen; private life. A private person may arrest a felon. (Blackstone)

4. Not publicly known; not open; secret; as, a private negotiation; a private understanding.

5. Having secret or private knowledge; privy. Private act or statute, a statute exclusively for the settlement of private and personal interests, of which courts do not take judicial notice; opposed to a general law, which operates on the whole community. Private nuisance or wrong. See Nuisance. Private soldier. See Private. Private way, a right of private passage over another man's ground.

Origin: L. Privatus apart from the state, peculiar to an individual, private, properly p. P. Of privare to bereave, deprive, originally, to separate, fr. Privus single, private, perhaps originally, put forward (hence, alone, single) and akin to prae = before. See Prior, and cf. Deprive, Privy.

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Female ejaculation

... type of discussion via emailing with our personal accounts or even contact via phone (call or text) I would prefer to talk about it somewhere more private such as my email or phone cotyracheljeanethridge@gmail.com Or 3612120687

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When is it okay to call a scientist a whore?

My name is Jillian Keenan, and I'm a freelance journalist based in New York. I tried to send you a private message, Honee_V, but I'm not sure whether it went through. Could you please contact me at jillian.keenan@gmail.com? I'd love to chat with you! Thanks a bunch.

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Telomere and DNA replication

... strand - complete telomere) 3'_________5'(daughter stand) The daughter stand is shorter owing to lost telomeres. I have discoerved, from private research, that telomere binding proteins prevent exonucleases degrading the sticky ends of the parent strand. As such when the second generation ...

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Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:10 pm
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cell specific markers

... variation. SNPs are basically single-letter variations in the human DNA sequence. In the past years, several million SNPs have been identified by private and public entities. The SNP Consortium (TSC), representing a group of large pharmaceutical companies and not-for-profit organisations, keeps ...

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Re: Codons are triplets, but what's a Singlet, Doublet, etc?

... save codons in RAM, it's included for other programs that do. Dim Codon() As String Dim CodonCompl() As String Dim CodonRevCompl() As String Private Sub Form_Load() 'After clicking on the compiled .exe file the program starts here. 'On reaching End the form stays on screen waiting ...

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