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1. That which is divided off or separated, as a part from a whole; a separated part of anything.

2. A part considered by itself, though not actually cut off or separated from the whole. These are parts of his ways; but how little a portion is heard of him! (job xxvi. 14) Portions and parcels of the dreadful past. (Tennyson)

3. A part assigned; allotment; share; fate. The lord of that servant . . . Will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers. (Luke xii. 46) Man's portion is to die and rise again. (Keble)

4. The part of an estate given to a child or heir, or descending to him by law, and distributed to him in the settlement of the estate; an inheritance. Give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. (Luke xv. 12)

5. A wife's fortune; a dowry.

Synonym: division, share, parcel, quantity, allotment, dividend.

Portion, part. Part is generic, having a simple reference to some whole. Portion has the additional idea of such a division as bears reference to an individual, or is allotted to some object; as, a portion of one's time; a portion of Scripture.

Origin: F, from L. Portio, akin to pars, partis, a part. See Part.

1. To separate or divide into portions or shares; to parcel; to distribute. And portion to his tribes the wide domain. (pope)

2. To endow with a portion or inheritance. Him portioned maids, apprenticed orphans, blest. (pope)

Origin: Portioned; Portioning.

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