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The ability of a biological compound to produce several distinct biological responses in many organs or tissues.

(developmental biology) The ability of the cell to develop into more than one cell type.


In immunology, pluripotency is shown by some cytokines such as interferon γ that activates some cell types and inhibits other cell types. For instance, interferon gamma stimulates antibody class switching in B cells, promotes maturation of NK cells, and activates intracellular killing in macrophages.

In developmental biology, pluripotency is exhibited when a stem cell gives rise to many adult cell types.

Word origin: Latin pluri-, many + -potence ยป from Latin potentia, power, capacity.
Related forms: pluripotent (adjective)

Compare: unipotency, totipotentcy, multipotency.
See also: potency.

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... on MEF feeder layers in the presence of basic fibroblast growth factor , or on matrigel or laminin in MEF-conditioned medium. The demonstration of pluripotency for murine ES cells usually involves reconstitution of embryos and the generation of chimaeric mice, however, for human cells this test ...

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... treatment, but from using radiation before the transplant in order to remove the "sick" cells and to make room for the healthy ones. Pluripotency in certain stem cells could also make it difficult to obtain a specific cell type. Tumors Some stem cells form tumors when implanted in ...

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Recent discovery in stem cell research.

... an embryonic stem cell shows 6k genes with 5 fold differences. Comparing iPS and hES, 1267 genes showed 5 fold differences. 3. To test pluripotency, they injected the cells in to irradiated mice. Tumors formed consisting of various tissues-gut, cartilage, neural, muscle. 4. 20% of mice ...

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The transcription factor Oct 4 is required for the maintenance of stem cell pluripotency and self-renewal, and activity of Oct 4 is essential for the identity of the pluripotent founder cell population in the mammalian. Recently we found that the cells from adult ...

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