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1. Any piece of wood, metal, or other substance used to stop or fill a hole; a stopple.

2. A flat oblong cake of pressed tobacco.

3. A high, tapering silk hat.

4. A worthless horse.

5. A block of wood let into a wall, to afford a hold for nails. Fire plug, a street hydrant to which hose may be attached. Hawse plug, a tapering valve, which turns in a case like the plug of a faucet.

Origin: Akin to D. Plug, G. Pflock, Dan. Plok, plug, Sw. Plugg; cf. W. Ploc.

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... a molar extinction coefficient. Your path length is likely 1cm for a garden-variety spectrometer. Solve Beer's law for the concentration, then plug in your values for the extinction coefficient, the path length and the absorbance. Solve Beer's law for concentration and look at the units. Absorbance ...

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... crystals of zircon from the Jack Hills of Western Australia – are at least 4.404 billion years old http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11196637 Plug in some assumptions which are impossible to know and billions of years is arrived at. Creation yields a date of ~6,000 years since creation week/fall ...

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... of reagents that can or cannot be autoclaved together? Hey iPhone/android/windows mobile/blackberry app developers, if you made an app that let me plug in a combination of reagents for making a solution/media and told me how to sterilize it, I would buy that app. Thanks!

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... from the sheep. In my cellar (I live about 10 miles from the farm) I also have this stuff growing. It will get so thick and gelatinous it will plug the drain for the water. Dumping bleach or muriatic acid on it gets rid of the stuff in the cellar but it always comes back. I live on an island ...

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Rate of diffusion

formula: rate A/rate B=sq. rt. B MM/sq. rt. A MM want: MM unknown know: MM 16.04 g/mol CH4 step 1: let x= rate A, CH4= rate B step 2: plug in values and solve using formula step 3: ANS good luck.

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