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(1) Fluid through which cellular components of blood, lymph, or intramuscular fluid are suspended.

(2) (medicine) Acellular, sterilized blood plasma that is used for transfusion.


Plasma is the yellowish fluid in blood that makes up the 55% of the total blood volume. It consists of dissolved proteins, glucose, clotting factors, mineral ions, hormones and carbon dioxide. In the body, plasma serves as a medium to transport essential substances in blood.

Word origin: from Greek, from plassein, to mold

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Hyperadrenergic POTS

... of blood flow to the brain. Hypovolemia is an abnormal decrease in blood volume, or more specifically an abnormal decrease in the volume of blood plasma. This sometimes occurs in POTS patients. It may occur due to blood pooling in the abdomen and legs . POTS is most frequently seen in young women, ...

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Multicellular prokaryote

... arises. Does absence of endomembrane system have to mean that it can't be multicellular?? Since prokaryotes have lot of unevenings in their plasma membrane(invaginations and outgrowths)and because of their small size, they have a high surface area which completely outnumbers the need for ...

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How long will myocytes survive in plasma+saline?

I'm going to a farm this weekend to watch how they slaughter pigs. I've kept myocytes in-vitro with DMEM or the likes a few years ago in college, as trypsinized adhesion culture and explant chunk from chicken embryo. I've also made hybridomas from mice, so I know about rinsing tissue of red blood ce...

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Re: O level Past paper exam question on gland secretion

... produced by the Endocrine system are small. Some possibilities are that small Hydrophilic that are produced molecules also help solubility through plasma membranes, which is sometimes a requirement for Endocrine molecules and assisting with diffusion through blood vessels which is always a requirement. ...

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is mosquito saliva hypotonic to plasma? HIV concern?

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knew whether mosquito saliva was hypotonic to plasma? The reason I ask, is that I got a mosquito in my eye recently and I'm a little concerned about HIV. If the mosquito had just fed on an HIV positive individual, and then gotten ...

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Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:38 am
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Topic: is mosquito saliva hypotonic to plasma? HIV concern?
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