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To fasten with, or as with, a pin; to join; as, to pin a garment; to pin boards together. Aa if she would pin her to her heart. To pin one's faith upon, to depend upon; to trust to.

Origin: See Pin.

(Science: chemistry) To peen.

1. A piece of wood, metal, etc, generally cylindrical, used for fastening separate articles together, or as a support by which one article may be suspended from another; a peg; a bolt. With pins of adamant And chains they made all fast. (milton)

2. Especially, a small, pointed and headed piece of brass or other wire (commonly tinned), largely used for fastening clothes, attaching papers, etc.

3. Hence, a thing of small value; a trifle. He . . . Did not care a pin for her. (Spectator)

4. That which resembles a pin in its form or use; as: A peg in musical instruments, for increasing or relaxing the tension of the strings.

A linchpin.

A rolling-pin.

A clothespin.

The tenon of a dovetail joint.

5. One of a row of pegs in the side of an ancient drinking cup to mark how much each man should drink.

6. The bull's eye, or center, of a target; hence, the center. The very pin of his heart cleft.

7. Mood; humor. In merry pin.

8. (Science: medicine) Caligo. See Caligo.

9. An ornament, as a brooch or badge, fastened to the clothing by a pin; as, a Masonic pin.

10. The leg; as, to knock one off his pins. Banking pin, a drill with a central pin or projection to enter a hole, for enlarging the hole, or for sinking a recess for the head of a bolt, etc.; a counterbore. Pin grass.

(Science: botany) A small coil which revolves on a common pin and makes a wheel of yellow or coloured fire.

Origin: OE. Pinne, AS. Pinn a pin, peg; cf. D. Pin, G. Pinne, Icel. Pinni, W. Pin, Gael. & Ir. Pinne; all fr. L. Pinna a pinnacle, pin, feather, perhaps orig. A different word from pinna feather. Cf. Fin of a fish, Pen a feather.

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